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The BandIt® Body Workout System has been developed to make working out more fun while attaining amazing results. It combines cardio and muscle building to make a highly energetic metabolic workout that trims and tones your body while minimizing your time spent working out. Based on a series of fun, total body exercises that use the functional and sleek BandIt Band for each movement, the workout burns fat and builds strength - fast. Exercise SnapshotWith this workout there's no need to spend long, boring hours in the gym on a cardio machine or lifting weights; you get maximum results in a fraction of the time.

The BandIt Body Workout System dispels all of the misconceptions about what makes for an effective workout. Historically, people have spent an hour or more in the gym because that's what they've been told they needed to do..."one hour of cardio, then hit the weights." Not only is this an ineffective way to work out, it's also boring. For example, after approximately 20 minutes on a cardio machine, the fat-burning effects start to diminish and muscle starts to break down. Muscle is important for fat loss so this is certainly the opposite of a good workout. To build muscle, then, most people think it's necessary to spend hours isolating muscle groups by lifting weights and focusing on certain muscle groups in a certain order. When was the last time you needed only one muscle group to perform an activity in your day? It just doesn't happen.

The metabolic circuit-based workout method is the key to the BandIt Body Workout System. When most people think of working out they think of conditioning the cardiovascular system to improve transport of blood to the working muscles. Metabolic conditioning is the complete opposite – conditioning the muscles to better use what's being delivered to them by improving the efficiency of the different metabolic pathways. When training is performed with a high level of intensity and short rest intervals between exercises, the cardiovascular and metabolic conditioning benefits equal or exceed what can be achieved with more traditional "cardio" activities.

No doubt about it, with its combination of both cardio and strength building, The BandIt Body Workout System packs quite a punch. The total body exercises focus on proper movements and your core, which is a huge component for building a strong and healthy foundation while also promoting flexibility and balance. And with a total workout time of just 20 minutes, there is no wasting time. You're in and out in minutes, not hours, and in just 6 short weeks you'll reveal the body you knew you always had.

So get started today and Reveal Your BandIt® Body!


About Us


My name is Adam Masternick, founder and creator of the BandIt® Body Workout System. I have a sincere passion for improving others' body health and physical capabilities, consistently giving them hope for a healthy and happy future. In my training I have been working with resistance bands for over 20 years, and this experience has inspired me to pioneer a completely unique and portable workout regimen that is Picture of Adam Masternickbeneficial for both the buff and the beginner, athlete and stay-at-home mom.

The BandIt Lifestyle - I wanted to provide a workout system that could fit into today's busy lifestyle. Since its inception the BandIt Body Workout System has helped countless people experience better results than their traditional training routines. With only 20 minutes per workout, 60 minutes each week (yep, you read that right) you can get the results you never thought possible. This is changing the way people are thinking about exercise and fitness. And no matter what your goals, you can achieve your BandIt Body!

History - The BandIt workout started out as a tool for training athletes in footwork and conditioning. The initial improvements my athletes were seeing were outstanding! Then I noticed that they were also losing weight, building long lean muscle, and feeling so much better than with traditional training methods. I decided to bring this method to my personal training clients and immediately a star was born! My clients were experiencing the same effects as my athletes.

Because Adam Doesn't Brag - Like he said, Adam Masternick, PT, Ex. Sci. is the creator of the BandIt® Body Workout System. With a degree in physical therapy from Cleveland State University and an exercise science degree from Youngstown State University, Masternick has a solid foundation for improving the body's abilities. He is also level 1 and 2 certified in the Functional Movement System (FMS) and has worked in settings such as fitness studios, hospitals, rehab clinics, and professional team gyms. His background sets him apart from the typical "rep-counting" trainer as he has an in-depth understanding about how the body works and moves.

Masternick has been using resistance bands for over 20 years and has pioneered the BandIt Body Workout System that is beneficial not only for the performance athlete and the fitness obsessed, but one who is beginning a fitness regimen.
He is the proprietor of Advanced Fitness and Wellness, LLC, a fitness and wellness company offering services in sports/personal training, injury prevention, weight loss and consulting.

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Physician's Warning

Consult a qualified medical professional before beginning this or any other exercise program. Discontinue any exercise that causes any discomfort and or dysfunction and consult with a qualified medical professional before resuming. The instruction and advice presented are in no way a substitute for professional training. The creator, producer and distributor of this program disclaim any liability or loss, personal or otherwise, in connection with the exercises or advice herein.

Latex Warning

The BandIt bands contain 1 - 2% latex. If you have a latex allergy this amount should not affect you but always use caution.

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